Bio Green 750mL Trigger
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Product Size
750 Milliliters

Bio-Green trigger pack is a ready for use general purpose cleaner. It's unique combination of biodegradable natural citrus oil extract, coconut detergent and surfactants combine to give excellent performance in almost any cleaning application. Bio-Green is based on an environmentally sensitive formula. Bio-Green is fully biodegradable, pH neutral, quick break and water soluble and will not harm sewerage treatment plant micro-organisms. It is completely safe to use in septic and biocycle systems. Unlike many general purpose cleaners, Bio-Green is non-toxic and does not contain any harsh caustic, bleach or ammonia. Therefore it can safely be used on most washable surfaces. Applications include benchtops, tables, walls, floors, stovetops, sinks, whitegoods and painted surfaces plus many more. Bio-Green has its own natural citrus fragrance and is safer on skin than other general purpose cleaners.