Protecta San 5L
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Product Size
5 Litre

Historically, soap has been the preferred choice as a shower cleansing agent. However, cross contamination of skin and other diseases from one individual to another through the sharing of bars of soap is now an important occupational health and safety consideration, and so soap is no longer an acceptable product to use unless used in a one-off (throwaway) situation, in which wastage is high. Septone have now produced a viable alternative - a shower gel based on low irritant, biodegradable surfactants. Protecta Shower Gel's pH balanced formulation includes moisturisers and skin conditioners to leave the skin feeling clean, soft and smooth after every shower. Use Protecta Shower Gel as an all over body wash, including for the washing of hair, and you will notice a reduction in stinging of the eyes compared with soap. It is easily dispensed through wall mounted dispensers and spreads easily, producing a dense foaming lather which will remove most dirt and soiling from the skin. Protecta Shower Gel's pleasant fragrance reminds you of standing under a rainforest waterfall.