Protecta Guard 500mL
Product Code
Product Size
500 Milliliters

Protecta Guard is non-greasy, non-irritant barrier cream designed to protect the skin from dry powders and dusts, oils, greases and solvents. Protecta Guard is insoluble in most petroleum-derived solvents and thus gives a high degree of protection against most products containing these solvents such as paints, bitumen, greases, adhesives, oils and petrol. The regular use of Protecta Guard will provide enhanced protection against industrial dermatitis. Protecta Guard is pH controlled to match that of the skin and hence provides a high degree of skin compatibility. Protecta Guard provide natural moisturising and super-fatting to the skin and helps to soften rough, scaly and thickened skin. Protecta Guard is silicone-free, which is vital in the automotive refinish industry.